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Transfer sweeps

SSCFCU offers transfer sweeps as a form of overdraft protection.  The cost is $5.00.  Whenever the share draft/checking account is overdrawn, the amount needed to cover the in-clearing item is automatically transferred from funds available in the savings/share account to pay the item.-

Check Cashing

SSCFCU is a cashless credit union and does not cash checks over the counter. SSCFCU maintains a relationship with BMO Harris Bank that cashes all SSCFCU teller checks and money orders free of charge at their branches, with the closet one being at 901 E 47th Pl.

Money Orders

SSCFCU offers money orders for $2.00 each regardless of the amount. Money orders are withdrawn from the member’s account.


SSCFCU offers wire transfers at a cost of $20.00

Bill payment services

An online automated service to pay household bills (utility, rent) will be available soon.

Debt consolidation loans

Low-interest rate debt consolidation loans up to $5K.

Credit enhancement

SSCFCU provides one-on-one credit/financial counseling to help you improve your credit score.  We offer low-interest rate credit builder loans for new and existing members.