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Our goal is 3 fold:

Capital Campaign

1) To increase membership by 3000 people bringing together a strong base of concerned people who are organizing to unite our dollars to economically revitalize our communities.

2) To increase assets by $5 million which will be re-invested back into the community in the form of affordable personal, home, auto, and business loans.

3) To raise over $500K in charitable contributions to strengthen the capital base of South Side Community Federal Credit Union to be more responsive to the credit needs of our community.  This includes improving technology, expanding staff, our financial and housing education programs, the opening of new branch locations, and the diversification of our loan products.

With your help, together we can stabilize and create a healthier and more prosperous community that will increase job opportunities, reduce crime and help people to buy and maintain homes as well as start and expand local businesses.

All that you have to do to join the campaign is to open an account for a minimum of $50.00 and make a donation to the South Side Community Federal Credit Union for our Community Development Capital Campaign.

Amounts can range from $25.00 to $10,000 or more.  Your investment in this economic movement for change will help keep money circulating in our neighborhoods and it will contribute to the building of a better financial future for our children.  Help us reach and exceed these goals.

Give online (below) using your credit card or PayPal account or mail your contribution to the address below.

South Side Community Federal Credit Union

5401 S. Wentworth Suite 25, Chicago, IL 60609